MBLightarts offers customized and general LUA plugin & showfile development for the grandMA3 software. On this page you will find all our currently available plugins & showfiles in the latest version.
We are continuously developing our plugins to make working with the grandMA3 software even easier and faster.

If you have any questions, suggestions or interest in a custom plugin or showfile, please contact us.
You can reach our MA3 Plugin Team by mail: ma3plugins@mblightarts.de
For bug reports, feature and support requests concerning our products, please use our online service form: www.mblightarts.de/requests

Also make sure to check our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all developments.
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31. März 2023

MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile

Our MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile is taking the preparationof a busking showfile to the next level. We’ve created a ready-made showfile that reduces the time it […]
2. Mai 2020

MBLightarts MA3 Color Picker Generator

Preparing a busking showfile has never been easier.Our Color Picker Plugin for the grandMA3 Software generates a grid of colors that allows you to pick the […]
1. Januar 2020
MA3 Plugin to be released

There is more to come…

A new MBLightarts Plugin for the grandMA3 Software will be released soon. Be ready for it!