MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile


Our MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile is taking the preparation
of a busking showfile to the next level.

We’ve created a ready-made showfile that reduces the time it takes to setup your console for a new stage layout to almost nothing. 

In creating the MA3 Template Showfile, we’ve taken the intuitive concept of the “push of a button” Color Picker Generator, and tried to expand it to an entire show, spanning positions, intensity effects, movement effects and much more. 

We’ve made all these features available in ready-to-go, but easily customizable layout views, a button and fader layout, as well as a structured and easy to handle scheme for all pool objects. Both the layout views and the hardware layouts are ready for MA3 consoles and command wing setups.

Current showfile release: V1.3.3
Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.7.0

Current price: 229,00 €

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Release Notes

Here you can find an overview of all changes made to the showfile and compatibilities to the MA3 software as brief release notes.
Always make sure that you are using an appropriate MA3 software version.

1Version 1.3.3 - 20.09.2023
Bug fix update, required if you want to use more then 5 color groups:
There was an issue with the order of the generated color presets (9000 onwards) for the CFX section that caused a crash of the CFX section when adding another color group to the showfile.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.7.0
2Version 1.3.2 - 11.09.2023
Important bug fix update, required if you want to use Color FX:
There were some bugs in macro lines and missing "Cook" commands. This caused problems with the CFX sequences after changing patch and groups.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.3.3
3Version 1.3.1 - 10.09.2023
Small update, probably not necessary for everyone:
SFX sequences and timers have been added to the showfile. With these timers you can track for example your CO2 consumption with a remaining time counter.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.3.3
4Version 1.3.0 - 07.09.2023
Major update, makes sense for everyone:
New Color FX (CFX) section with a special version of the Color Picker.
For this there are new effect sequences (X701 to X715) for each fixture category. All these sequences use cue recipes and can therefore be easily customized.
In this context small adjustment to the default layout views "Show A" and „Show B" are made.
In addition, minor bug fixes and temp faders for MDG and Hazer available directly in the hardware layout.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.3.3