MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile


Our MBLightarts MA3 Template Showfile is taking the preparation
of a busking showfile to the next level.

We’ve created a ready-made showfile that reduces the time it takes to setup your console for a new stage layout to almost nothing. 

In creating the MA3 Template Showfile, we’ve taken the intuitive concept of the “push of a button” Color Picker Generator, and tried to expand it to an entire show, spanning positions, intensity effects, movement effects and much more. 

We’ve made all these features available in ready-to-go, but easily customizable layout views, a button and fader layout, as well as a structured and easy to handle scheme for all pool objects. Both the layout views and the hardware layouts are ready for MA3 consoles and command wing setups.

Current showfile release: V1.2.6
Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.2.2

Current price: 229,00 €

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