MBLightarts MA3 Color Picker Generator


Preparing a busking showfile has never been easier.
Our Color Picker Plugin for the grandMA3 Software generates
a grid of colors that allows you to pick the color for your different fixture groups. With numerous possibilities to customize the generated color picker, the plugin will do all the work for you!
So you can keep your mind free to do, what you are best in:
Create overwhelming and unforgettable looks on stage.
To get an overview of this useful tool, watch the video and see the results. For detailed information download the manual from below.

If you are convinced of our tool, you can purchase the plugin straight from here. Have fun and enjoy your next shows with the
MBLightarts Color Picker Generator Plugin.

Current plugin release: V1.6.11
Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.7.0

Current price: 29,90 €

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Release Notes

Here you can find an overview of all changes made to the plugin and compatibilities to the MA3 software as brief release notes.
Always make sure that you are using an appropriate MA3 software version.

1Version 1.6.11 - 21.10.2023
Bug fix update, important for all V1.6.10 users:
This update fixes a bug in the layout view on some systems where all color icons appeared in a single line in plugin version 1.6.10.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.7.0
2Version 1.6.10 - 17.10.2023
Bug fix and feature update, makes sense for everyone:
This update fixes an issue with the borders of the generated color picker grid items in the layout viewer.
As a new feature, presets are now generated based on the selected colors (default from preset 9000 upwards).
These presets can now be used to couple color effects or other elements in a showfile with the color picker.
There is now an additional effect color in the grid for easy setup of color bumps and effects.

Latest tested MA3 software version: V1.9.7.0